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July 22, 2019

We recently had a team meeting about what Cluventure means to each of us and what our values are. Lucky for us, our values are right in our Mission Statement and talking about each one with the team, it’s clear we all have different but very good reasons for being a part of this team and sharing travel with you all. So let’s go over our reasons for being here.

In our mission statement we claim: “Cluventure Travel operates under the values of honesty, responsibility, respect, and trust. Our team culture revolves around passion and positivity, reliability, education and a ‘spirit of adventure.’”

Honesty: We try really hard to be as transparent as possible with our pricing. We strive to be upfront about what we can accomplish with the resources at our disposal. In addition to being honest with you, Cluventure wants our customers to be honest with us so we can grow and learn.

Responsibility: We not only take on the task of ensuring each trip is unique and fun but responsibility means more to us a team. We want to be responsible partners in travel, including taking care of our environment and each other along the way. We are in the process of offering “eco-friendly” options to each trip and try to encourage adventurers to foster local connections.

Respect: As a travel-based company, Cluventure understands the importance of not only respecting our customers and partners but also respecting the different cultures and peoples that travel naturally brings together. We hope to learn from our differences and honor practices.

Trust: Our clients place their faith in us to provide an unforgettable experience and we take that duty seriously. We want to foster trust between us and our clients as travel enthusiasts but also for travel fans all over.

Passion: Passion for travel and mystery drives our team each day and during each trip. We live and breathe travel and fun. That intensity is what founded this company and keeps it going.

Positivity: Everyone can get frustrated and down sometimes but our team tries to focus on each challenge as a learning opportunity. Our Adventure Specialists go into each interview, questions, and interaction with the right attitude to foster the above values. 

Reliability: Not only do we want our clients to rely on Cluventure, but we also want travel-enthusiasts across the world to rely on our know-how and experience. Our team leans on each other with our variety of exposure to travel and life, to create awesome trips and content for everyone.

Education: Our team is growing every day and learning something new, and we always think of ways to foster learning even on our trips. Not only do we want our clients to try a new location but maybe learn a new skill or hobby along the way and take back some awesome memories. 

Spirit of Adventure: Our entire company was built on the idea that people have and want to foster their own spirit of adventure and we want to help them! Adventure means something different to everyone on our team and everyone we meet. Cluventure is built to create a unique adventure for each client no matter the comfort level.


So…what will your next adventure be?

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