Treat Yourself With Legendary Travel
December 17, 2018

Self-care culture is a huge moneymaker and a talking point for people of all ages. A quick search of the term “self-care” shows results that focus on taking care of the immediate you, long baths, good reads, and candles or treats abound. While these are all delightful ways to spend time recharging, there are many other ways to take care of yourself. One that we here at Cluventure love is travel.


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Prioritizing travel is one of the many ways that I make sure to take of myself. Often, even a simple getaway to a new place or a day trip can be enough to leave me feeling refreshed and re-energized. Travel is a great way to unwind but I also make sure to take some time to learn something new on each trip.

The new experiences gained from each trip help widen my worldview and give me the chance to hopefully leave an impact on others. The new perspectives I gain during travel are brought back to my everyday life – both professional and personal. Disconnecting from what I do every day allows me to appreciate my home and the comfort that it brings. Travel is a way to expand my knowledge of the world while deepening an appreciation for what I already have.

You can always treat yourself with an awesome travel experience.

Some trips can be more relaxing and meaningful than others, depending on the trip and peoples’ personalities. Planning trips can be time-consuming and oftentimes stressful. Everyone has a different idea of how vacations will go. Focusing on the reason behind the trip and why you wanted to share it with the people involved can bring a trip back to harmony.

Allow adventure to be a form of self-care in your life. If you notice a friend is not acting like themselves, offer to take them on a day trip to a new city or a new hiking spot. If you need some connection with those around you, plan a weekend getaway with a few close friends. If you are feeling run down, treat yourself to travel…and always VENTURE ON!

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