Traveling With You
December 27, 2018

In 2018 we are blessed to have resources and technology at our fingertips. Some may argue that this is the best time to be alive with the amount of access we have. Yet somehow, life seems so complicated and cumbersome. The world moves at such a rapid pace that sometimes we fail to spend quality time with the people we treasure. More time is spent texting rather than being face to face. Social media tends to cause us to take a front-row seat to strangers happiness and picture-perfect relationships to the point that we neglect our own.

That stolen time with the ones we love is so precious and crucial. Time in an intimate place- as the old saying goes- is a time to relax, relate and release. Marriage, full-time jobs, and just plain adulting can cause an illusion that the week is in fast forward and time subtlety slips away with the wind. Sometimes you need to pause and remove yourself from all the chatter and distractions.

This undisturbed place contains no cars as significant time is spent traveling back and forth to work. There are no laptops, cellphones, alerts, notifications, emails or updates, so the only thing that has your attention is the one you love. There is no grocery store, cleaning or laundry. There is no mailbox because it seems the only thing it carries is bills. There’s no morning or nightly news because your time together is in a place that only supplies joy, love, and peace.

As you sit together secluded from reality you only see your dreams being manifested before your eyes. The warm weather combined with a sporadic breeze leaves you in awe. You haven’t given much thought to anything outside your immediate surroundings because you are well taken care of. You’ve stolen a piece time where it’s only you and the one you love that exist.

In such serenity, you begin to reminisce on when you when once thought you would never make it to a place that was so beautiful and calming. A place where sleeping was more like a deep slumber that caused stress to diminish and wrinkles to fade. A place where food was not for mere eating but rather to be experienced and enjoyed. A place where your individual lives gracefully merge into one. A place where you hold each other and dance to no music other than what you just created together.

Somehow you’ve managed to escape the chaos of life and arrive not only in a breathtaking place but a place where you were once young and crazy in love. A place where money is irrelevant and time is in abundance. A place where looks, fashion, status, credit, and titles don’t matter. A place where you are never judged but rather celebrated. You become willing to travel there any day and at any time. You become willing to save all of your vacation and sick time just to go. This place renders you speechless. The only words contained in your vocabulary are, “When is the next time I can fly away with you?“

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