Travel Makes You Happy
February 3, 2019

Break up your routine and find happiness. Travel makes you happy!

Making our way through life tends to wear patterns into our brains and bodies if we stick to the average, scripted roles we were given along the way. Because we have the set playlist for the commute, the daily workout ritual, or even the “random encounters” with the same 20-30 people every single day. This does not mean that this is what life is built to accomplish. Life is so much more grand and wonderful than our trifling, comfortable habits.

There is one sure-fire way to break up the monotony and re-inspire your own life force: TRAVEL!

Travel makes you happy by connecting. Traveling is the most natural and holistic way to connect with yourself, your fellow life participants, and this wonderful home we call Earth! Something amazing happens in our nervous system when we are genuinely happy; the body starts to produce and use its own chemical compounds that create exhilarating states of mind. Traveling is known to stimulate the production of nearly every single one of the happiness chemicals.

Adrenaline is known as the “fight or flight” hormone and gives us added energy due to increased sensory input. It is easy to see how it is produced when traveling as travelers constantly take in new or uncommon information.

travel makes you happy
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Serotonin also pops up quite often during vacations, adventures, and holiday excursions. The most common time that serotonin is produced is when a challenge has been accomplished or meaning has been discovered within the person’s own life. Cluventure offers trips that trigger this chemical because you are solving clues leading up to and throughout your trip. Whether it is the anticipation of the destination finally coming to fruition or the feeling of connecting to some distant land and its culture, traveling offers these experiences at every turn. Travel makes you happy by rewiring your brain and increasing your ability to be present. 

Oxytocin or the “love” molecule is present anytime we interact with another human, especially when said interaction is physical. This can be as abstract as a fully felt smile or as intimate as a long hug. Oxytocin creates the feeling of connection and belonging to others and it is produced whenever new connections are made and friendships are created.

The last (but definitely not least) of these neurochemical delights is Dopamine. Dopamine is most produced when we achieve something we set out to accomplish. It is our brain’s way of rewarding our body and mind for cooperating. If we decide to walk to the mailbox, we get a piece of happiness when we arrive at the mailbox!

Who knew it was so easy to create our own happiness, all we have to do is TRAVEL!

Now if you are stuck because the idea of travel is too much, you don’t know where to go, what to do, or because you simply cannot find a worthwhile vacation destination: don’t panic! Cluventure Travel is here to help.

Adventure Specialists will plan your trip by asking a number of basic personalities and travel preference questions. The Cluventure team will plan and provide you with a personalized mystery vacation led by a series of clues that need to be deciphered in order to find the next location or clue.

Whether you prefer nature or the city, the silence or the hum of noise, Cluventure is sure to keep you actively pursuing your happiness cocktail no matter your age, color, or creed because it re-introduces us to that wild, wonderful, and willing side of ourselves that has been burned, buried, or bought by our current state of affairs. We can help you find the magic of travel making you happy and healthy.

Say “No More!” to the prison walls of routine and break out into the wonderful world of travel!

Venture on!


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