A love for vacations, a passion for planning them.

  • Desi Taylor
    Desi Taylor President / Adventure Specialist

    A singer songwriter / travel expert with a background in both teaching and team-building, Desi can solve two Rubik’s cubes at the same time and wiggle her way to the front row of almost any concert. Always on a quest to keep life fresh and exciting, Desi loves to share her passion to seek out new experiences with others. Detail oriented and creative, she would love to help you have an unforgettable adventure.

  • Monica Stefanac
    Monica Stefanac Vice-President / Adventure Specialist

    With a background in human movement studies, Monica is always on the go. She spends much of her time exploring the great outdoors with her adventure pup, Henry. Monica regularly looks for ways to step out of her comfort zone while staying grounded through yoga. She believes that life’s greatest learning experiences come from travel and exploration. Intuitive and devoted, Monica is committed to contributing to others’ inner development and growth.

  • Albert Ross
    Albert Ross Adventure Specialist

    Adventurer extraordinaire and outdoor enthusiast, you can often find him on impromptu road trips to parts unknown. Albert has over 15 years experience in the Navy and myriad quests to destinations all around the globe. This rugged, good looking fellow is just as comfortable pondering the mysteries of the world beside a babbling brook winding through the forest as he is admiring the achievements of mankind in the greatest cities around the world. Albert is passionate about entrepreneurship and is a jack of all trades when it comes to growing a business from the ground up.

  • Alyssa Dunn
    Alyssa Dunn Event Specialist

    Alyssa is a natural-born leader who thrives in team atmospheres. In her 12 years of leadership and event management, Alyssa has successfully led groups upwards of 3,000 people with finesse and style. In her free time, she enjoys solo travel, frequenting music festivals, and finding new active past times such as roller derby, snowboarding, yoga, hula hooping, and paddle-boarding. Alyssa plans to utilize her unique set of skills in her role at Cluventure by planning a special event that you’ll always remember.

  • Ambika Murray
    Ambika Murray Writer / Junior Editor

    Ambika is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades. Possessing a strong drive to learn and collaborate with people from all different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities brought her to the Cluventure Team. The daughter of a traveling father, Ambika learned early on the advantages of exploring what the world has to offer and decided to become a travel writer at a young age. Writing for Cluventure Travel is a dream come true, and she can’t wait to see where this adventure leads.


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