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  • "Cluventure Travel is top notch. We will be booking another vacation very soon!"

    Lee International Cluventure
  • "Thank you so much for planning an amazing night for us...I could not have planned a better night myself."

    Jen Domestic Cluventure
  • "My boyfriend and I took a cluventure vacation in August, and it was one of the most memorable vacations we've ever taken! Our clues in the mail had us completely stumped, and we ended up going to the Boston area. Our adventure specialists did such a great job picking out activities for us. I even got to go to an exotic animal rescue center for a private tour and exclusive meetings with some of the animals there. Our bed and breakfast we stayed at was beautiful, and we even got to stay inside the city for a few days as well. Our adventure specialists even took the time to print out local bus and public transit maps and schedules, and gave us recommendations on what to do with our free time. It was truly one of the best, most stress-free vacations I've ever taken!"

    Sami Domestic Cluventure
  • "Cluventure is not your ordinary travel agency. The company is very organized, with wonderful attention to detail. Adventure and mystery are top priority”

    Justin International Cluventure
  • "It was such a blast! They did such a great job catering to our interests."

    Jeanie Domestic Cluventure
  • "We went to Croatia in September, what an amazing experience! Our best vacation ever, thanks to Monica Stefanac. She researched the whole country and found us magnificent national parks and old towns to visit."

    Tina International Adventure
  • "Desi has planned two trips for me in the past. The first was a two week road trip for my anniversary. With the clues I received, each day was magical no matter what happened because of the mystery behind it. Just by queuing into my likes, dislikes and goals, Desi was able to arrange a visit to my favorite chef’s restaurant among many other amazing things I enjoyed, because of her impeccable attention to detail. A year later, Desi and Monica planned an international trip for me and a group of friends. All of us had such a fun and amazing experience, just as I had anticipated. They were able to pack in more exciting and fun adventures on a daily basis than I could ever have imagined. I can't wait for our next journey and I would recommend Cluventure Travel to anyone looking to have an epic adventure."

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