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“Cluventure Travel is top notch. We will be booking another vacation very soon!”

- Lee T.

10 Day International, May 2017 & May 2018

“We had an amazing adventure through Cluventure. They took our request for a unique and memorable experience and nailed it. We will definitely book another trip in the near future!”

- Suzanne M. and Alex B.

Overnight Domestic, November 2018

“The team was always available, timely and efficient in communications! Our Cluventure trip was amazing! We had so much fun, stayed busy, yet had time to relax. The adventure was truly personalized and could not have been better! Getting clues and trying to figure out where we were going was a great experience. I looked forward to each clue!! Thank you to Cluventure and their staff!!”

- Judy J. and Doreen M.

3 Day Domestic, July 2019

“Cluventure provided a really fun adventure for us that was new and exciting. The best part was not having a clue (no pun intended) where we were going until the day of the trip. You know the line, ‘It’s not the destination that matters as much as the journey’ and Cluventure takes that to a whole new level…the “getting there” is just as much of an adventure as the destination.”

- Paul and Monica B.

3 Day Domestic, November 2018

“Monica at Cluventure listened to our requests and preferences. She picked a place that we had never considered, but was perfect for us. The accommodations were unique and wonderful. Activities planned were right on. We will be considering Cluventure for our trip next year again. It was stress free and fun! Everything provided was great. My favorite part was waiting for my travel mates to get their clues and trying to figure it out together.”

- Leah O.

3 Day Domestic, June 2019

“My husband and I had an engaging and relaxing birthday weekend due to Cluventure’s thoughtful preparation, thorough planning and timely communication. It has been a long time since all we had to worry about was having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Cluventure gave us that.”

- Robyn O.

Overnight Domestic, April 2019

Thank you so much for planning an amazing night for us… I could not have planned a better night myself.

- Jen K.

1 Day Event, January 2018

My boyfriend and I took a Cluventure vacation in August, and it was one of the most memorable vacations we’ve ever taken! Our clues in the mail had us completely stumped, and we ended up going to the Boston area. Our adventure specialists did such a great job picking out activities for us. I even got to go to an exotic animal rescue center for a private tour and exclusive meetings with some of the animals there. Our bed and breakfast we stayed at was beautiful, and we even got to stay inside the city for a few days as well. Our adventure specialists even took the time to print out local bus and public transit maps and schedules, and gave us recommendations on what to do with our free time. It was truly one of the best, most stress-free vacations I’ve ever taken!

- Sami T.

5 Day Domestic, July 2017

The personalized activities were chosen very well, everyone had at least one activity that was “for them”, but at the same time all activities were enjoyed by all. Most of the activities were things we would not have done.
- Alex D.

5 Day Domestic, March 2019

“This trip has confirmed to us that we will be making Cluventure part of our anniversary tradition for years to come … You would love this type of travel, great fun and adventure awaits you.”

- Lori T.

10 Day International, May 2017 & May 2018

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