Surprise Vacations
February 27, 2020

What is a surprise vacation?

A surprise vacation is one in which the person or people traveling are unaware of their destination. Cluventure Travel takes all the elements of a surprise vacation and gives you clues along the way during your pre-departure to keep you and your fellow travelers excited, engaged, and wanting more. A Cluventure is a magical mystery experience 100% customized to your liking’s to ensure an amazing time that you can reminisce for years and years to come.


Why YOU should take a surprise vacation!

Fun for the family and kids

Some of us just need a get-a-way but don’t know where we want to go and don’t have the time to plan a vacation. When you take a surprise vacation you get an interactive experience that brings you and your family together to help solve clues to your destination!

Makes a great romantic gift to your significant other

Taking on a fun new experience with your partner is a great way to really strengthen and take your relationship to a fun and exciting new level. Check out Cheap Is The New Classy’s article on how vacations can actually strengthen the relationship between you and your partner!

Traveling makes you happier!

It’s true! And scientifically proven that traveling can make you happier. Check out this article on Traveller to see how!


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How does it work?

  •  Book your vacation package – First you’ll fill out the form on our travel page. From here you’ll choose the type of travel you want to go on. You can choose to stay domestic or travel over-seas, how many people you want to travel with, extra accommodations, when you want to depart and more.
  • Tell your expert travel agent what you like – Next, you’ll get setup with your travel specialist and give them information about yourself so they can put together a fun and 100% unique experience catered to your liking.
  • Solve your clues and have the time of your life! – Once you’re all setup you’ll start getting clues that hint to your destination! It’s up to you to solve them. Travelers may choose easyintermediateadvanced, or challenge level clues. You will receive both pre-departure clues that hint at your destination and on the ground clues that lead you to specific pre-planned activities. Keep your imagination open as your clues can arrive in many forms. 

What’s included?

Included in every Cluventure… Flights, vacation planning, packing lists, accommodations, an on-call adventure specialist,  taxes and fees, activities, personal travel preference interviews, shipping, clues, location resource guides and a pre-departure gift!

How much does it cost?

Prices of your surprise Cluventure vary depending on your preferences. You can see exactly how much it will cost by visiting our travel page.  You have the option to choose between domestic and international. Whether or not you’d prefer a luxury or classic experience, which includes updated accommodations, flights, additional activities and and extra layer of comfort. And the number of days you’d like to stay at your destination. For Domestic travel you can stay for 3-7 days and for International it’s 5-10 days. You’ll also choose the number of travelers you’ll be bringing along. All of these factor into the price of your Cluventure.



We truly believe in the importance of  exploring the world around you in a fresh and exciting way. Not only can these new experiences benefit your health and make you happier, but it can be something fun and exciting for your family or other loved ones. Booking with Cluventure Travel is super easy and takes the guess work and stress out of planning a vacation yourself. It’s a truly magical adventure that we believe everyone should experience. Check out our website to learn more or check out our travel page to book your Cluventure today!



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