Social Media’s Unexpected Impact on Travel
November 3, 2018

It’s the age of social media:

The internet and connecting with friends and sometimes hundreds of strangers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and plenty of other platforms. I follow several travel blogs that influence, inspire, and motivate me to adventure more and do more. As travel photos grow increasingly popular, bloggers and photographers now get paid to travel and post about it on social media. This growth in the travel industry can be good news for tourism-based economies and for travelers as some places become easier and cheaper to access.

Sometimes, though, a popular spot can become over-traveled and harm the economy and the environment. When people post a shot and encourage people to go to that same place via social media, the response can be overwhelming as more people see it and make plans to travel to that same area.

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The traffic can become overwhelming for local residents and for the scenery. Over tourism isn’t a problem for every area but it’s important to look for areas that are maybe less traveled and try to find a new spot. Over tourism can lead to trampled environments, increases in pollution and waste, and less access to sites as the demands grow. More and more areas are implementing lottery systems to reduce traffic or introducing passes to help pay to offset the increase in use.

Cluventure seeks the best places for you to travel and can take concerns about the environment and local economies and work them into your trip.

Sometimes the pressure to take the perfect shot at the perfect location can interfere with your trip, too. You don’t need to snap a photo or pose for the perfect social media post at every turn. I hope that everyone travels in a way that makes them happy. If that includes making sure to nail that Instagram pic, then go for it; but if the stress of taking photos and coming up with captions is ruining your trip, it’s time to reevaluate how you travel.

Most of us know that a photo will never truly capture the beauty of the moment and especially won’t capture the laughs, sweat, and deep conversations. Hopefully, the photos that we do take can serve as reminders to those amazing memories and new adventures. We love to share travel photos on social media and remember the good times we had.

What concerns do you have when traveling or choosing a place to visit? How do you keep the local communities and ecosystems in mind? 

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