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Please note that we require a minimum of 3 months notice for domestic trips and 6 months notice for international trips.

The amount listed for each traveler includes transportation to and from destination, accommodations, research, planning, booking, taxes, an on-call agent while you are on your Cluventure, personalized clues, travel resource guides, planned activities, an interview with your personal Adventure Specialist, shipping and handling fees, and a pre-departure gift.

*Additional transportation costs may occur. These costs may include but are not limited to: taxis and other optional public/private transportation, transport to and from departure point, etc.*

To learn more about luxury Cluventures, please visit our FAQ page.



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$300 per person 

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$2,800 per person

$4,600 per person (Luxury)

$4,500 per person

$9,000 per person (Luxury)


$2,625 per person

$3,750 per person (Luxury)

$4,200 per person

$5,950 per person (Luxury)

$7,000 per person

$12,000 per person (Luxury)

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