12 Essential Travel Apps
October 23, 2019

Wherever you are in the world, apps are a wonderful tool to help you stay both organized, entertained, and up to date. While many are useful, there are some that are the perfect way to waste some time.


Here are some of our team’s favorite apps, travel-related and otherwise:


Apple Podcasts (recommended by Megan) – I am obsessed with podcasts. Since moving out on my own, I often find that the voices of my favorite podcasters have become welcome background noise for my everyday life. Now that podcasting has taken off, you can listen to two or more people have a conversation about almost any topic and the variety is what keeps me coming back. Some of my favorites include those about true crime, the latest news, and comedy podcasts. 


Been (recommended by Katelyn) – If you’re like me and love to keep track of the places that you’ve visited around the world, Been is a great app to use! I love adding the new countries that I visit and seeing my map grow. With two convenient maps for states across the U.S. and countries around the world, Been is a fun way to see all of the places you’ve checked off your list and decide where to go next. It’s like a scratch-off map right on your phone!


DuoLingo (recommended by Desi) – DuoLingo is one of the most well-known free language learning apps out there. Learning a new language is easy and fun and over 30 languages are offered (including one of their most recent courses – Arabic)! I am fascinated by languages and use this app daily. DuoLingo is a great tool for everyday education, or to help you prepare for your upcoming vacation! 


Google Calendar + Docs (recommended by Monica) – As a small business owner, you can imagine all the online tools that are necessary to help make the business run smoothly. Over time, I have found that the Google apps top the cake when it comes to organization. Our team utilizes them all, but none as much as Google Calendar and Docs. These apps work magic for our remote team. These apps sync information between computers and phones, allowing us to connect and work on projects together, from wherever we are in the world. These Google tools allow for full customization and collaboration and are invaluable assets to keep everyone on the same page. 


GoogleMaps (recommended by Katelyn) – I love maps. I am that person who has different types of maps all over my walls to decorate, but when I’m traveling, it all comes down to GoogleMaps. Although GoogleMaps might be an app that many people use on a somewhat regular basis, the best part of the app to me is that you’re able to download directions to use when you don’t have internet access – a lifesaver for me when traveling. The app even gives directions to get where you’re going using public transport, including bus or metro stops!


Instagram (recommended by Megan) –Instagram has become a safe haven for my millennial heart. While Facebook bombards you with baby pictures and status updates, my Instagram feed has become almost a carefully curated art project. I love the simplicity of the pictures and the quick updates from the new Instagram stories. The best place to waste a few hours is in the explore section, where you can find posts similar to ones you have liked. The feed seems endless! 


Pindigo (recommended by Desi) – Ok, I have to admit. I am a huge pinball nerd. Whenever I travel somewhere new, I inevitably check out the local pinball scene. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping track of my scores on the multitudes of machines that I play. This app lets you keep track of and compare scores for every game! You can even follow people and share scores. Perfect. 


Splitwise (recommended by Monica) – No more arguing over shared expenses! Splitwise is a free money managing tool for traveling friends, roommates, family, and more. It tracks bills and other expenses then tallies who paid for what and sends end of the month reminders to “settle up” debts. You can create multiple groups, see a balance sheet of who owes what and make notes. It does all the math for you! All you have to do is put in the amount, note what the expense was for, and chose who/how you want to split it up. It really is that easy!


UDisc (recommended by Katelyn) –Whenever my boyfriend and I travel to a new place, the first thing on his list is always to find a nearby disc golf course. UDisc has been a game-changer when it comes to finding courses wherever we go and storing our scores at each course for a little friendly competition. There’s even a page in the app that lets you search for events happening near you!


The Weather Channel App (recommended by Megan) – There is nothing I love more than to check the weather every ten minutes. Growing up in the midwest, I quickly learned that the weather is not always what it seems and I strive to be prepared. Knowing if there is a flash rainstorm, a heatwave, crazy winds or any other sudden changes approaching is why I recommended this app. I check every day but in addition, this app sends you notifications of severe weather, gives you a ten-day outlook and a nearly 12-hour forecast. There is also a section to check local pollen levels, running conditions, and cold and flu activity in your area! 


World Geography (recommended by Desi)  – World Geography is an educational geography game that gets harder as you go. It’s set up like a trivia game, and you can race other players across the globe and watch your rankings change in real-time. You can even lookup facts about each country – and best of all, it’s free! 


What we all recommend: Spotify Create playlists, discover music, share songs – Spotify is perfection in an app. You can take your music on the go, and being able to download songs, albums, and playlists make this the essential music app for long airplane rides.




12 Essential Travel Apps
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