This Wild Life is a Puzzle
January 26, 2019

Life is a puzzle. It challenges us like puzzles and mysteries do.

Take a moment, close your eyes, step back from your life and picture it in your mind’s eye. Do you see the big picture? Past and present? Or is your image in pieces?  What is life but small and large pieces of experience fitting together exactly as they were meant to for us to be where we are today? Here. Present. What is life but a puzzle we are all trying to complete in our own way?

Sometimes it looks like a piece is going to fit perfectly, we place it where we believe it should go. We find out later, that original piece was placed in a spot where it does not belong. We backtrack and make mistakes. We are only human after all. We don’t know what our life will look like at the end, so we fit the pieces together the very best we can at the moment. Yes, sometimes, many times, we are wrong. One moment it can feel as though we have taken two steps forward, only to take three steps back in the next moment.

Do not get discouraged. Because when the pieces fit, everything aligns. For a moment, we can see the picture more clearly. Life is trial and error. There is no one way to do your puzzle. We are unique but connected. Sometimes pieces from other puzzles seem to connect with ours. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they are just a bit off. If the piece doesn’t fit, what are we to do? Get upset that things didn’t work out the way we WANTED them to? Life rarely turns out the way we want. Fighting it, forcing the pieces together will ultimately do more harm than good.

So what do we do? We break it apart, leaving space for the pieces to assemble the way they were designed to. We are human. We are resilient. We have the capacity to face life’s many challenges with openness so that our pieces may fall into place.

Pieces out of place are just gifts hidden as mistakes. Mistakes inspire change, change is our fuel to grow and strengthen our resilience. Stay open. Follow your heart and your dreams. Make mistakes. Welcome the opportunity to alter the pieces of your puzzle. Maybe you’ll have a moment when you look at the magnificent picture you have created, with some worn and torn edges, and realize that you are one step closer to seeing it as a whole. With everything connected the way, it was meant to. Life is a puzzle!

Life is like a puzzle, choice by choice, piece by piece we are working our individual pieces together. It is hard. No question. Support yourself the best way you can, support others in the best way you can and who knows, maybe your puzzles were meant to fit together. The more we take out pieces that do not fit,  the more connections we discover. Slowly but surely the picture is formed.

“Let certain things be uncertain. Appreciate the puzzle that life is, insofar as I know, after a scheme of steps, all Crosswords have a solution, and every Sudoku makes a lot of sense.” Jasleen Kaur Gumber

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life is a puzzle
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