Letter from the President
November 3, 2018

Why do I love what we do here? For me, Cluventure is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. To me, our slogan, “Venture On”, is more than a message, it’s a call to action. We believe in the chase, we believe in the wisdom that only travel can bring, and we believe in mystery and exploration and breaking out of our comfort zones. Our mission is to combine a sense of youthful wonder with specialized travel experiences, by providing travelers with new and exciting ways to explore the world, and we want to share this mission with you.


I dedicate this effort to my dad, the original game master. Throughout my childhood, he worked a labor-intensive job and still somehow found the time to build scavenger hunts for my sister and me; something I always looked forward to back then. As a byproduct, he also instilled my love of travel and knack for creating crafty clues. I had the privilege of growing up observing his exemplary blend of hard work and creativity and I inherited the desire to enrich my life through travel whenever possible.


Cluventure is also dedicated to my late Aunt Vilma. She was an amazing woman – a teacher, traveler, and an independent spirit whose goal was to visit all seven continents. I hope to one day finish what she started while inspiring others to do the same. These two people taught me the value of education, exploration, and dedication. Without them and their ever-present sense of wonder, Cluventure wouldn’t exist today. For that, I am forever grateful.


I’m honored and humbled to say that in the two short years that Cluventure has been in business, I’ve learned more than I imagined about myself, my family, my partner, my friends, my team, and my values. We have grown so much as a team and as a company, and I’ve personally grown so much as a human. We want to share this growth, this momentum, this excitement with as many people as possible. Everyone has a story to tell and something unique that they contribute to the world. We want to help people find that. We want to get to know people and help them get to know the world.


With that being said, I am happy to unveil our newest endeavor, Cluventure Connect, a place to share, to explore, and to learn from ourselves and from each other. A place to celebrate creativity and the diverse ways in which we can go about living our lives. If life is about the journey, Cluventure is a celebration of that journey in all its glory. Today, we send a sincere thank you to everyone who has shown us support – we can’t wait to see where this goes and are excited to take you with us. I encourage you to embark on this exploration with us and, most importantly, venture on.  


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