How to Vacation Everyday
December 5, 2018

Post by Guest Blogger Josie Marshall

Maybe you’re like me and live somewhere with changing seasons. Here in Michigan, we claim to have all four seasons, but our spring and fall tend to be a short blip in time, and our year often consists of a whole lot of winter weather.

Many of us travel in the winter because we want a taste of warm weather and that good ole vitamin D. But, it is also a chance for us to get away from reality and sit on the beach without a care in the world. It’s fun, it’s restful, and it’s finally a place where we can relax.

One of the amazing things about traveling is that we finally allow ourselves to live in the moment. We soak up every opportunity that we have while we’re away. In my new book, Pura Vida, I talk about living in the present:

“To live in the now, you have to be all in. Life is full of “now moments” and if you’re constantly living in the past or the future, you’re going to miss a lot. Think of the last trip that you took, whether it was by yourself, or with your family or friends… We live our vacation and try to enjoy every moment of it because we know that it is only for a short time. What if we looked at our lives like that? We know that we won’t be here forever, so why not savor every moment we have?”

Vacationing is more than warm weather. It’s a reset and a fresh breath of air. It’s a way for us to be enlightened in new ways and for us to be grateful for our amazing lives. Remember to focus on the present and enjoy where you are right now in order to experience that carefree peace and enjoyment in your daily life! To learn more about vacationing every day, download Pura Vida on Amazon.

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