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March 31, 2019

My husband loves to play games on his cell phone. He plays games more than he does talking, texting and surfing the internet combined. He once loved a game called Basketball Stars so much that I knew the theme music because it was played multiple times a day for months. Currently, he’s into a boxing game that is apparently everything to him.  

Cell phone games have never really captured my attention for long spans of time until recently when my husband introduced me to this one particular game. It was a cooking game. The game requires you to be in a restaurant behind a counter preparing orders for several customers at a time. Of course, you must be timely and accurate. Hot dogs, fries, drinks, burgers, and desserts are served. The faster you can serve them, the more points you accumulate. I was addicted! I suppose it stimulated the dopamine in my body so I kept going back for more.   

When I was younger I loved puzzles, Scrabble, word finds, drawing and checkers. Maybe even back then my attention was caught by things that caused my brain to be stimulated differently from being in school. Thinking back I see that playing those games were good for my brain. My recall of events was sharper, I was forced to think logically and illogically all at the same time and I learned to use my intuition more.

I think we all like to be challenged but not to the point where we can’t win. Of course, I loved certain games because I could win at them. My brain was stimulated and I felt like a success. Why not keep playing?

I’ve also noticed that playing certain games took my attention away from my current surroundings and things that worried me. In the moment of playing I could only focus on the game, winning and getting to the next level. With that in mind, I found playing games on my cell phone really keeps me calm when I am waiting around at the airport for my flight, especially when there is a delay. I can stay engaged for at least a half hour at a time.  

When I am in the air during the flight, I color. I have an adult coloring book with small intricate details that you really have to focus on to stay in the lines. There’s so much detail that I usually want to use a variety of colors. I usually want the image to have a certain feel, either warm and calming or bright and exciting, so I carry a big box of coloring pencils. I am usually on a flight for 4 or more hours so I need something to keep my mind busy and off of the time.

What’s your favorite pastime? What games do you enjoy? What do you do to keep yourself calm when you are in airports and planes for hours?

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