Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my Cluventure?

You are able to make a secure purchase for your chosen Cluventure vacation directly on our website. Cluventure Travel works exclusively with PayPal and most major debit and credit cards are accepted. The entire amount must be paid before we are able to begin planning your unique Cluventure vacation. You do NOT need to have a pre-existing PayPal account in order for your payment to be processed through PayPal. For more information please visit PayPal Account Optional. If you are looking to finance your Cluventure, we recommend looking into PayPal Credit.

How far in advance must I book my Cluventure vacation?

We require a minimum of 3 months notice for all domestic trips, which includes the 1 day and overnight trip options. Please allow at least 6 months notice for all international trips.

How much does a Cluventure vacation cost?

On the pricing page, you will find a more detailed pricing chart explaining the various types of Cluventure vacations. The amount listed for each traveler includes transportation, accommodations, research planning and booking costs, taxes, 24/7 support while on our Cluventure, personalized clues, travel resource guides, planned activities, and interview with your personal Adventure Specialist, shipping and handling fees, and a pre-order departure gift.
*Additional transportation costs may occur*

What if I need help while on my Cluventure?

Each group will have a personal Adventure Specialist available to provide 24/7 support. Your Adventure Specialist will be able to help you navigate and solve clues if needed. However, as unexpected events do occur, all travelers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own travel insurance.

What if I want to travel with a group?

If you plan to travel with a large group, please be sure to contact us about our group discount options. Cluventure considers a group to consist of 5 or more travelers who do not live at the same address. Your first step is to determine a main contact for your group with whom we can communicate. We will then provide a questionnaire to each traveler. We offer the option to bill the entire trip on one invoice OR to split the total cost equally between travelers.

For more info: please email booking@cluventuretravel.com

What is the difference between a classic and a luxury Cluventure?

All of our Cluventures will provide an enjoyable and personalized travel experience. If you would prefer to upgrade your trip, our luxury options are perfect for you. Cluventure luxury trips include an extra layer of comfort, such as upgraded flights, accommodations, and additional activities when available.

What kind of clues will I encounter while on my Cluventure?

Each Cluventure is 100% unique and all clues are handcrafted for your specific journey. Travelers may choose easy, intermediate, advanced, or challenge level clues. You will receive both pre-departure clues that hint at your destination and on the ground clues that lead you to specific pre-planned activities. Since Cluventure encourages environmental exploration, many on the ground clues will require you to learn about and get to know your surroundings. Check to see how a Cluventure works on our YouTube page. See the pricing page for more information.

When will I receive my clues?

The number of clues you will receive and when you will receive them depends on the type of Cluventure you choose. For more information about various types of trips, please visit the Cluventure Pricing Page.

Where will I travel?

A key element of the Cluventure experience is that the destination is a surprise! You have the option to choose between a domestic or an international Cluventure. During the interview with your Adventure Specialist, we will learn more about you and what type of climate, activities, and experiences you are looking for.

Will Cluventure Travel plan me a vacation centered around a particular activity?

Absolutely! Whether you want a ski trip, a beach trip, or anything in between, Cluventure is the agency for you! However, as we are dedicated to mystery and adventure, we will not plan Cluventures to specifically requested locations.

For more information please email booking@cluventuretravel.com