Our Exciting New Cause of the Year
June 17, 2019

Check out this year’s Cause of the Year!

Did you know that Cluventure Travel donates a portion of our sales to our Cluventure cause of the year?

You can treat yourself and your community when you book a Cluventure. A percentage of each trip will be donated to Orchestra Rouh, a program with Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra Rouh is a program that offers music instruction to children in Kalamazoo that are part of resettled refugee families.


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Children are given the chance to grow in their community while learning a new skill and eventually performing. The funds from Cluventure will help fund instruments and instructors for this program. When you book a trip or event with Cluventure you can be certain that we are committed to supporting communities everywhere. Because Cluventure Cares.

Purchase your Cluventure today and help support this year’s cause! Check out the video below to learn more.


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