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Planning For A Lifetime

Planning For A Lifetime January 26, 2019 Working in a service based position was beginning to wear on me. I was new to the field of work and new to full-time employment. As a young professional, I did not yet know the signs of burnout and that I was slowly creeping...

Keep it Light

Keep it Light January 21, 2019 I’m at the bag check counter in the airport and told my suitcase is over the weight limit. I would have to pay an additional charge. I had a small budget for spending money on this trip, enough that I felt comfortable I could have a good...

How to Vacation Everyday

Vacationing is more than warm weather. It’s a reset and a fresh breath of air. It’s a way for us to be enlightened in new ways and for us to be grateful for our amazing lives.

3 Lessons from Solo Travel

I dove in head first without expectations. I planned, booked, and prepared all of the details myself; my first time doing so. It was my first time living out of a backpack. It was also my first time traveling alone.

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