Our Mission

To combine a youthful sense of wonder with specialized travel experiences by providing travelers with new and exciting ways to explore the world.

More Than a Travel Agency

At Cluventure Travel, we believe in the importance of exploring the world around you in a fresh and exciting way. We offer a new twist on vacation, combining adventure, mystery, and exploration into a personalized travel game. Cluventure Travel is not your average travel agency. We book 100% customized trips, designing unique and interactive travel experiences just for you. The only catch? Your destination is a surprise – unless you can crack the code! Travelers receive real time clues that guide them both to and through their vacation destination. Our team of travel experts books the transportation, lodging, and some activities. All you have to do is solve the clues!   Whether you are seeking a family vacation, a trip with friends, or even a workplace retreat, Cluventure Travel is the agency for you!

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