6 Tips for a New Traveler
February 11, 2019

New traveler? Check out these tips!

Everyone has been a first-time traveler at one point meaning everyone makes their own mistakes and learns along the way. Just because you are a new traveler does not mean you have to jump into every adventure with little to no clue. Our Adventure Specialists have come up with a few ideas to make your first time traveling anywhere or anyway a breeze.


  1. Food deals: Travel can be an investment, but not every purchase on your trip has to be a splurge. Look into local restaurants and see who has “happy hours” and if they include a food deal too. Many places geared toward travelers and tourists include significant discounts on food and drink during certain hours. This requires some planning ahead but is well worth the savings.


  1. Flight tips: Flying can be intimidating, even if you are a frequent flyer. If you are flying to your destination, it’s always a good idea to be extra nice to your crew. Say “hi” while boarding, some people even bring a small gift. Even if you are not flying, be sure to treat all service providers you meet along your way with respect. Visits to National or State parks and forests mean you may encounter forest rangers or other workers. For road trips, make it more fun by treating toll booth workers, gas station attendants or anyone else you encounter with extra kindness. Kindness is free and it always spreads!


  1. Transportation: Researching your destination beforehand can lead to some unexpected deals. Many cities offer bundles that include their public transport with other activities like discounted or free admissions to museums, parks or other local sights.


  1. Packing: Packing light can be one of the biggest challenges on a trip. Rolling your clothes is an easy and well-known tip that keeps clothes from getting wrinkled and reduce the space they take up in your bag. Try to plan ahead as well and pack versatile pieces that can be used for multiple outfits. A new traveler will do best to pack outfits with layers so that you can be ready for any weather.


  1. Stay local: Local markets and shops often have cheaper, quality produce and other food options than big name superstores. When traveling to a new community it is important to show your support and shop locally as much as possible.


  1. Discounted days: If you really plan ahead, you can plan your trip around a free admission day at a National or State Park. Local museums and galleries will also often have free or discounted admission days. Many recognized activities have discounted or free admission days on holidays. National and State parks have a schedule of free admission days that fall on nationally recognized holidays, like Black Friday.


These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trip planning for a new traveler. Here at Cluventure, we want everyone to know that travel doesn’t have to be difficult. Cluventure can not only plan your trip to meet your budget but provides support along the way. While you focus on having a blast you can rest easy knowing that answers and advice are available 24/7 during your trip.


Travel smart and…venture on!

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