6 Things Puzzles Can Teach Us About Life
January 4, 2019

I have a confession… I am ridiculously addicted to jigsaw puzzles.

Like, always-have-one-on-my-kitchen-table addicted (and will never do the same one twice). It’s safe to say that I *might* love them. But it wasn’t until I started the company that I did that I realized there’s a lot we can actually learn from jigsaw puzzles. (Yes, they can be more than just a headache!


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1. You’re probably looking at it upside down

Looking at problems from another angle can oftentimes give us a whole new perspective. Get creative and try looking for solutions from another point of view.

2. There’s got to be a way

All the answers are right under our nose, we just have to find their connections, even if it means stepping away from the problem. Most of the time, we’re overthinking it. Also, what they say about patience really is true…

3. Neighbors matter

A puzzle piece is only as valuable as what it is connected to. Those close to us matter in the big picture. It’s not only yourself that you must take into consideration, but those around you as well.

4. Corrections count

Sometimes you’ll have to take apart what you’ve already put together in order to get it right…aka fix your mistakes. Sincere apologies can go a long way, and the impression that you leave on people will far proceed you for it.

5. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit

There’s no use forcing something that just doesn’t fit. If you’re forcing yourself to be happy in a job, in a relationship, or even in a lifestyle, then it’s probably not the one for you. We all have a place somewhere.

6. Pay attention

Puzzles can teach us to be observant. Pay attention to details and suddenly, problems suddenly become easier. Each piece has unique qualities just as each person and place does.

It is a sincere joy for me to help others discover the unique qualities and experiences that can be found across all corners of the globe.

Find your pieces. Complete your picture. Where will your clues take you?

Picture of me with my most recent puzzle endeavor.

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